Evoke’s hands-free facial applicators deliver proven bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to the cheeks, neck, and jawline. The RF energy penetrates deep into the subdermal layer, heating the Fibro Septal Network (FSN). With its ability to maintain a constant temperature


This treatment remodels the dermis and subdermal tissue to deliver more defined facial characteristics.

What is EVOKE?


Evoke is a revolutionary, hands-free facial remodeling platform. This non-invasive technology delivers a structural re-organization of the facial and submental tissues producing a more youthful appearance. 


What does EVOKE treat?

Specifically designed to address cheeks and jowls, this technology harnesses the power of RF energy to remodel facial tissue and improve its appearance.

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How long does the procedure take?


Evoke treatments last between 15 minutes and 45 minutes each session - times vary depending on the recommendation for each individual by our physicians. Best results are reached with 3-6 sessions with one week in-between sessions. 


How long is the recovery process?


This treatment requires no downtime! After finishing each session patients are welcome to return to work immediately and to go about day-to-day activities. 


How long can I expect swelling, bruising or discomfort after the procedure?

Mild redness may follow treatments resulting from the radiofrequency heating of the dermis, but the immediate visibility of redness will subside soon after the treatment has finished. 

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