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BOTOX® injections target a variety of areas around the face to reduce the definition of wrinkles and fine lines.


Typically these injections will last approximately 3-4 months, but the timeline varies from person to person.

This treatment is great for eliminating crows feet around the eyes, removing that pesky frown line between your eyebrows, or accomplishing the perfect lip flip! 

BONUS: If you suffer from tension headaches and migraines, Botox® injections can stop them in their tracks. Botox® injections in the forehead will freeze those muscles and stop you from tensing them throughout the day. 

Botox - Description


I'm worried I will look "plastic" or completely devoid of expression. Isn't that how Botox® works?


A "frozen" effect can occur with a large dosage or quantity of injections in specific areas, but our docs take special consideration for every patient's individual goals. Most of our patient's like to smooth the wrinkles while maintaining movement in certain areas. At your consultation we will ask what you are hoping to accomplish with your injections and we will tailor your treatment specifically to you!

Why should I choose a surgeon over a MedSpa for my injections?


Our doctors are double board certified with decades of sub-specialized training in the detailed anatomy of the facial structure and the intricacies of the muscles, nerves, and all of the delicate components that make our faces function the way that they do. Many medical practitioners have training in doing these injections, but it is important to ensure your injector knows and understands your specific anatomy to give you the best possible result. 

Bonus Fact: Botox® injections were originally invented by an Ophthalmologist (see video below!)

How long does Botox® last?


Most people see lasting results from their Botox® injections for 3-4 months. Some of our patients who have been receiving these injections for a long period of time see longer effects from the injections and only come in to see us a couple times a year.

Am I too young for Botox®? I don't have any wrinkles yet.


The best results we see from Botox® show up in our patients who started receiving these injections in their 20's and 30's. We refer to this as Preventative Botox. Starting Botox® after wrinkles are formed means that we are trying to undue these effects on the skin and face, but by weakening the muscles before the wrinkles and lines form you are helping to stop them from forming in the first place.

Last Thoughts.


The best treatment for you is the one that makes you feel the most comfortable. Everyone's journey is unique to them, so we encourage you to do things at your own pace. Our goal is to help you feel beautiful and confident from the treatments you receive in our office. 

Filler - Description

Fillers are injectable products used to enhance or rejuvenate parts of the face that have lost fat and collagen due to aging. They work by re-volumizing the targeted areas through a series of small injections. 


With five separate filler products, the Juvederm® filler family has a variety of thicknesses and viscosity to address fine lines and facial hollows as well as enhance the lips and cheeks. 


Juvederm® Ultra and Ultra Plus are excellent for filling very thin lips and the deep lines that come down from the edges of the nose and the mouth, while Vollure® and Volbella® have a more delicate effect to create extraordinary natural, full lips. 


Voluma® creates the firmest appearance, filling jaw lines and cheeks, and sculpting the bonier areas of the face. 


How much do fillers cost?


A single syringe of fillers starts at $650. 

How long do dermal fillers last?


A rule of thumb is that you can expect your fillers to last approximately one year. A few factors can shorten that timeframe by 2-3 months including the location of fillers in the face and the rate of your metabolism. On the other hand - cheek injections can last two years or longer. 

Where can I get dermal fillers injected?


Common injection spots for fillers include the lips, nasolabial folds, marionette lines (the lines that lead from the corner of your mouth down to your chin), cheeks, and orbital rims. 

More recent developments in fillers have given us the ability to do injections along the jaw line to contour and sculpt, creating a more defined jaw and a slimmer looking chin.

Who will inject the dermal fillers for me?


Our physicians do all of the filler injections, so you can feel confident that you are receiving the highest quality care possible.

Sculptra - Descripton

While other injections are used to temporarily fill wrinkles and folds in the face, Sculptra® Aesthetic is used to replace lost collagen. Requiring 3-4 sessions of injections, Sculptra® works by stimulating the existing collagen to rebuild over a period of time.


Not all patients are ideal candidates for this treatment.

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