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Oculoplastic Surgery, or Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, is a subspecialty of Ophthalmology. It includes a variety of medical and surgical procedures that deal with the orbit, eyelids, tear ducts and face.


This specialty includes ocular and facial reconstructive surgery, orbital surgery, aesthetic eyelid surgery, facial plastic surgery, and cosmetic procedures. Commonly, people hear the phrase "plastic surgery" and think about procedures done on larger sections of the body - they rarely think about the eyes. 

Our E&FPS Surgeons

An Oculoplastic Surgeon is an Ophthalmologist (medical doctor and eye surgeon) who has completed training in general Ophthalmology and then continued with specialized training in Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. They perform plastic surgery as it relates to the eyes and surrounding structures, treating traumas, cancers, heavy eyelids, tear duct issues, aesthetic concerns, and a multitude of other issues relating to the eye and the orbit.

Dr. Donald Hollsten has been practicing the specialty of Oculoplastic Surgery for over 40 years and had the great privilege to personally train his daughter, Dr. Jordan Hollsten, in this specialty. They have been practicing as partners for almost a decade, working collectively to provide the highest quality medical care for every patient that comes through our practice. Whether your appointment is scheduled with Dr. Jordan Hollsten or Dr. Donald Hollsten, be assured that you are receiving the benefit of both of their expertise throughout your care.

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