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BeautiFill Laser Liposuction & Fat Transfer

Beautifill is an advanced technology laser assisted liposuction that simultaneously removes fat & tightens skin, while purifying the removed fat in order to safely and effectively transfer it back into the face and body. 

The process of aging causes changes in our bodies, leaving some areas with more volume than one might like, and other areas with hollows from a lack of volume. BeautiFill allows us to target specific areas of the face and body in order to specially contour your appearance.

Fat transfer is an excellent permanent alternative to dermal fillers in the cheeks, jawline, lips, and facial hollows, as well as target areas around the body. 

The Top Choice for Body Contouring 
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What does Beautifill treat?

This procedure allows us to liposuction stubborn fat around the body (think abdomen, thighs, hips, back flanks, chin, and arms) while simultaneously lasing and tightening the skin. The BeautiFill processes the suctioned fat to remove any excess water and impurities before we re-inject it back into targeted areas of the face and/or body.



How long does the procedure take?


The procedure time for BeautiFill varies widely depending on how much of the body and face is being treated. During your consultation with Dr. Hollsten she will be able to give you details about expectations and timing. 

How long is the recovery process?


Our BeautiFill patients can expect approximately 48 hours of swelling, bruising, and mild soreness following a small treatment involving minor fat removal from the abdomen and transfer to the face. The recovery time will increase for more involved cases that target larger volumes of fat removal and transfer.

Who is the ideal candidate for BeautiFill?


We encourage our BeautiFill patients to practice a healthy lifestyle prior to / after their procedure in order to achieve the best possible results. Weight fluctuation after the procedure can affect the areas targeted for the liposuction and fat grafting, so it's important to maintain your health and your weight. 

Commonly Combined Procedures with Beautifill:

  • RF Microneedling

  • Evoke Face + Evoke Chin

  • IPL 

  • Upper Lid Blepharoplasty

Before & Afters

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