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Earlobe Repair


Lunch Time Face Lift
Lunch Time Face Lift

Earlobe Repair is a surgical procedure performed in-office to repair, correct or reshape earlobes that have been split or stretched due to years of wearing heavy earrings.​

This procedure is also perfect for people who need to correct large gaping holes in the earlobes from years of wearing gauges. 

Fix your Stretched or Torn Lobes


How long does this treatment take?

The procedure typically takes about an hour; it is performed in our ​Pond Hill office in our sterile surgical room with local anesthesia.

What should I expect following an Earlobe Repair?


You will have stitches in your earlobe that need to be kept very clean in the days following the procedure until they are removed. The incision site also needs regular lubrication with an antibiotic ointment for the first week during the initial healing period until the wound closes. 

How long is the recovery process for an Earlobe Repair?


Recovery following an earlobe repair is fairly straight forward. Once the stitches are removed the area that was repaired takes approximately 6 months to fully heal, but requires no additional effort from you! 

Important Information

In most circumstances an earring hole can be preserved to prevent the need for a new piercing. If you are interested in maintaining an earring hole in your earlobe, Dr. Hollsten will discuss that option with you at the time of your consultation.

Before & Afters

Earlobe Repair - Case 4 - JEH.jpg
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