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My FaceTite Journey to Beauty: Day 2


I slept with my fancy head wrap on overnight per Jordan’s instructions, so this morning I took off the wrap and put some Bacitracin ointment on the spots where the FaceTite probe was inserted into my face. Gotta stay infection-free!

The numbing from the injections is completely gone, but the FaceTite areas are a little numb from the maneuvering around the nerves during the procedure.

10:00 am Still no pain! I’m a bit swollen from the FaceTite yesterday, so I put the fancy head wrap back on and sit down at my computer to work from home.

Working from home, Morning After Procedure

(While I know that bandages around your head are the height of fashion these days, I figure that my inability to wear makeup today means that I should only subject my pugs to this degree of glamour.)

10:30 am No complaints from the pugs. True love, indeed.

2:30 pm Took off the head wrap to give my face a breather. My jowls and chin look swollen and feel a little tight. My mom was right about Eleanor Roosevelt.

4:30 pm Headed to the office to pick up a few things before the weekend and ran into two coworkers finishing up their work day. Nobody says anything about my swollen face. So I ask if they notice anything different? ”Oh!” they say, “you did your chin yesterday! Woah I can hardly tell….” While I’d like to think they’re being overly polite, they then push their faces close into my face and start pointing out all of the spots where they CAN tell something was done. A small bruise on my midline right jaw, a mark from the insertion point on my lower left jaw, etc. Uneventful to say the least.

24 hours Post-Procedure, Some Swelling

7:45 pm I’m watching tv with my fancy head wrap back on. The compression on my jaw from the wrap makes it tricky to drink my glass of wine. A straw it is.

10:45 pm Head wrap off, shower, brush teeth, wash face, kiss pugs, more bacitracin on FaceTite insertion spots.

11:00 pm Head wrap back on and sleep!

Ready to hear about Day 3? Check out My FaceTite Journey to Beauty: Day 3.

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