My FaceTite Journey to Beauty: Day 2


I slept with my fancy head wrap on overnight per Jordan’s instructions, so this morning I took off the wrap and put some Bacitracin ointment on the spots where the FaceTite probe was inserted into my face. Gotta stay infection-free!

The numbing from the injections is completely gone, but the FaceTite areas are a little numb from the maneuvering around the nerves during the procedure.

10:00 am Still no pain! I’m a bit swollen from the FaceTite yesterday, so I put the fancy head wrap back on and sit down at my computer to work from home.

Working from home, Morning After Procedure

(While I know that bandages around your head are the height of fashion these days, I figure that my inability to wear makeup today means that I should only subject my pugs to this degree of glamour.)