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My FaceTite Journey to Beauty: Day 3


9:30 am Wake up (weekend!). Head wrap off to give my face a breather. Phew.

I’m a little itchy on all of the FaceTite insertion spots. That means it’s healing! Looks like I’m a little more swollen today than I was yesterday. My dad always says that swelling peaks 3 days out from any procedure. Right on track. Turns out he's pretty smart.

Day 3 - Mild Swelling, Crazy Head Wrap Hair.

10:30 am Head wrap back on. Gotta keep compression on the chin for 72 hours for optimal results. I’m tired of wearing it, but I didn’t go through this for nothing- so doctor’s orders win.

12:00 pm Chores. Being an adult is full of glamour.

4:30 pm Tickets to see a musical tonight. Gotta shower and get dressed. It’s a hair-warshin’ day- my first since the FaceTite procedure- so I want to be gentle around my face.

I get permission from Jordan to put makeup on around my eyes for my fancy night out- but absolutely nothing is allowed on the FaceTite area. Only Bacitracin is allowed on the insertion points for another day.

I decide to counter the puffiness in my Day-3-Post-Procedure jaw and chin with SUPER glam eye makeup.

48 Hours Post-Procedure, Out on the Town

Special thanks to years of YouTube tutorials for teaching me how to perfect my eyes for just this moment.

6:00 pm Go downtown. Eat delicious food. See an awesome show. No weird looks! I don’t think anyone suspects a thing. (Except maybe the lady right behind us? ... But that's probably just judgement that I'm using my phone before the show.)

*Please note the lack of blush on my face in this picture. I love blush. I don't love infections... a worthy sacrifice.*

10:45 pm Home and still feeling kinda swollen. I look in the mirror and realize that I feel more swollen than I look. Brains are weird.

I do a thorough assessment of my face. My whole chin and jaw area feels weird compared to a normal day. The nerves are kinda numb, but kinda not, and the areas that were treated with FaceTite are almost lumpy to the touch. I get out my Jade Roller and slowly roll out the whole jaw and chin area to encourage draining towards the lymph nodes. Jordan would be so proud. Turns out I DO listen.

Head wrap back on. (1 more day to go!) Pug playtime, then bedtime.

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