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My FaceTite Journey to Beauty: Day 4


Slept in again today ( need to know what time I got up - That’s between me and the pugs). Time to take off the head wrap for another breather.

The swelling is down some! It’s not perfect, but absolutely going in the right direction. Keeping this head wrap nonsense up for one more day because I think it’s helping a lot.

I put it back on after coffee.

There’s no time stamps on progression today ... because not much happened.

At sunday dinner at my parent’s house my mom points out that a couple little bruises are starting to show on my right jawline. That timing works out pretty well since I can start wearing makeup again tomorrow.

Dr. Dad informs me that I’m not allowed to use makeup on the incision points if I’m applying it with an old or unsterilized applicator. Makeup holds on to crazy amounts of bacteria. Time to break out my new concealer and face powder.

It takes a village, people.

Well - a village, or a blog with tons of useful tidbits of information.

While I'm giving a daily dialogue of how my experience has unfolded these first few days the FaceTite and AccuTite processes take 6 months before the final FINAL result will show. I have a reunion with friends in October, so the choice to do this now is perfectly timed for that gathering.

I'm also an actress, so I'm on call for auditions and jobs 7 days of the week. There isn't time for me to have an invasive procedure without losing opportunities, and ultimately a paycheck. I LOVE that I don't have to stress about getting a call from my agent and I'm only 4 days out from getting this procedure.

Most importantly, I'm impossibly excited to see how the results from this will keep evolving over the next few weeks and months.

More updates to come as my journey continues! Expect updates at 7 days post-procedure and once a month from now until my 6 month journey ends.

Stay tuned.

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